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Private Lessons:

1 - One Hour on Schoolmaster                       $75

1 - One Hour on Student's Horse                    $60

4 - One Hour on Schoolmaster                        $300

4 - One Hour on Student's Horse                    $200

Group Lessons:

4 - One Hour on Schoolmaster                        $275


Full Training          $750

5 lessons or professional rides per week

Care includes: Blanketing, midday feeding, and medicating.

6th day determined by WHT ( Hand walk or Turn out )

Semi Training          $550

3 lessons or professional rides per week

Quarter Training      $450

2 lessons or professional rides per week

Full Care                    $425

Care includes: Turn out ( Hand walk or lunge in inclement weather, otherwise additional charge), blanketing (7 days/ week), and medicating as needed. Horses on layup or on recovery price to be determined by WHT.

Other Fees:

professional ride                  $40

Turn out                               $15

Lunge/ Hand walking           $15

Clipping/ Mane pulling         $50

Body Clipping                      $165

Competition Services:

Coaching     $65 per rider per day/ $100 away

Trailering     TBD


When rides or lessons in training program are cancelled or missed without a 24 hour notice, pro rating is not an option and the rate will fall back to private lesson rate. If appropriate notice of the cancellation was given then the rider has the responsibility to reschedule and make up lessons within the month. No make-ups will be carried over to following month.

It is the client’s responsibility to give 30 days written notice before the 1st of the Month of any changes or cancellation in Training Program. No discounts/deductions will be given on an assumed basis.